The creation & deletion of landscape beds With the ability of including plants, rocks and mulch.



Where design and practicality meet. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide low maintenance and cost effective plants, ground coverings, and boarders without having to sacrifice good landscape design. The most common mistake we see in commercial landscape design is sizing, which can make a pathway look too big, or a staircase too narrow. Just like an artist paints light to dark we plant big to small.



We specialize in small or limited space landscaping. If you feel your home needs more curb appeal but your vision feels to big for the space, WE CAN HELP! A majority of the time we fins homeowners have great taste in plants, but are not well planted. We follow the philosophy "It’s better to plant a 50-cent plant in a $5 hole, than a $5 plant in a 50-cent hole."